The Gobblie Goo Store

Imitation Novelty Semen, and more!


Our original formula (still available and our best seller) was made years ago, and has always been a big hit with friends, and at parties. We now offer this unique product line, in hopes that it will be as much fun for you as it has been for us!

With NO sugars or milk products, there is never a worry of yeast infections for women.

Gobblie-Goo is for everyone ... Women & Men alike!

We wanted something that "Looked Real", and even "Taste Real!" We worked hard on several ideas for months, then stumbled onto our current recipe (Original Formula). We haven't stopped cooking up batches since.

Now available for sale, we are proud of our product... full of only all natural quality ingrediants!  All edible!

Plus two other exciting formulas, with more on the way!



I am glad to see Gobblie Goo being used by so many and with so many uses we never even thought of before.  It has been used not only by  couples in the bedroom, but for parties, proffesional dancers in their performances, it has made its way into movies.  

With the ease of clean-up, the non staining formulas, the realistic look and taste, the fact that we add no milk or sugar products (eliminates yeast forming), the high quality ingredients we use.  It is no wonder that it is used over and over and over again.  

Chances are ... you will be using it again and again as well.