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Imitation Novelty Semen, and more!



Gobblie Goo is an all natural, imitation semen product that looks and taste very real.

Perfect for making movies, taking pictures, role playing, sqirting dildos, parties, gags, costumes, dancers and dancing shows, and more! 100% Edible ... NO Sugars or Milk, so NO Yeast Infections ... Heats up quickly and useable within minutes ... Main Ingredient is Arrow Root

Female leaning out of Camper Van

You can find a Gobblie Goo for every situation:


Bedroom, Outdoors, Parties, Making Movies, Taking Pictures, Pranks ...


4 Awesome Formulas:


Original Gobblie Goo OF - it 'looks and tastes just like the real deal'


2nd Gen Gobblie Goo New Formula ZFK  ...(careful, this is liable to be habit forming) ... Best Tasting and White!


Extreme White - XWF II ... Enhanced White Formula for Picture taking, Movie producing!


NEW Creamy/Buttery CBF ... Realistic Look with hints of Cream & Butter





Purchaser hereby releases Gobblie Goo  from all liability, indemnifies and holds harmless Gobblie Goo  with respect to any claims of damages or injuries resulting from the use, consumption, ingestion, and/or contact with respect to this product.

11 YEAR Anniversary Special

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 for Bedroom, Parties, Movies, Photos, and more ...





Please contact us with any order problems, issues!

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Exciting NEWs


Our original Formula, OF (lowest priced)

has NEW ingredients for a NEW LOOK!


We have added RICE and Zinc to OF, for a WHITER

SHADE, still at a low low Price!


It will be offered in one large Packet ...,

BUCKET OF GOO (= to 5 packets of Orginal OF)

(Make all 5 packets at once, .... or, smaller amounts for personal use)


BUCKET OF GOO - $15.99

Introductry Offer for limited time:

5 packs (= to 25 packets) $50.00

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order multiple items

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